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When is Valorant’s Vanguard expected to release in League of Legends?

Almost all esports titles face issues with cheaters but none of the anti-cheats were as effective as Vanguard for Valorant. Valorant was able to tackle the hackers like no game ever did before leaving players of other titles demanding the developers for an anti-cheat that works at a hardware level.

It was speculated that Riot plans to extend the Vanguard anti-cheat to some of their other esports titles, namely League of Legends. The 2024 season of LoL has promised several updates across the board and fans have noticed the “new anti cheat” which is supposed to be Vanguard ported from Valorant to support LoL.

League of Legends’s woes with cheaters are not as troublesome as other games but it is not like everyone is legit. Vanguard has shown the world how capable a kernel-level anti-cheat can be as cheaters in Valorant are few and far between but they get caught at some point or the other making it the most effective anti-cheat system we have ever seen.

There is no concrete news on when the update with the new anti-cheat is coming, it can be assumed that it will be within the next two or three patches. The update has been promised with the 2024 season and it is safe to assume that before the season is on full swing, we will see the new anti-cheat in action .

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