After the introduction of a fully-fledged Competitive mode in, patch 1.02VALORANT players have been grinding their way towards the top rank.

A new detailed ranking system is set to be implemented at the start of VALORANT second act, and new leaks have been exhibit to how it will supposedly work.

Since the release of VALORANT’S competitive playlist, many players have been eager for a more fleshed out system. There are 8 ranks in total, from Iron all the way to Immortal there are three tiers with each rank alongside Radiant. According to new leaks more tiers could be added soon.

Developers at @RiotGames have already confirmed that changes are indeed on the way to VALORANTranked experience. More tiers could be soon added within each rank, according to prominent data miner Valorant Leaks.

Ignition Act’s 1 is expected to end around August 2. With the next major update right around the Horizon, here’s and early rundown on how leaked system could look and work.

In Ignition Act 2 rank tiers are ranging from 1 to 5 as the leaker revealed. Each rank appears to have its own unique border from Tier 1 all the way through Tier 5.A rank reset also seems to be on the way for Act 2 based on these leaks. The new format is labeled as an ACT RANK.

Without official confirmation from Riot, do not take these leaks as official news. Stay tuned for more teasers ahead of the August 2 major update.

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