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When Is Valorant Mobile Launching in India?

Valorant has been a massive success ever since its launch in India and has taken over as a phenomenon in the Indian esports scene. Despite it being a well-known fact that the mobile gaming scene in India has a bigger player base, games like Valorant Mobile will undoubtedly follow in their footsteps or go beyond what its PC version achieved in India.

Valorant Mobile is closer to launch than ever and we have been seeing certain clips getting leaked on social media that suggest that the game is closing in on its completion. Unfortunately, we do not have an official release date for Valorant Mobile as the game is technically under development and Riot would want to iron out all the wrinkles before it makes it to the public.

The Valorant Mobile experience will be far from what it is on PC and to make it work in a device that fits in our pockets, the developers have to cut corners and optimize areas which takes time. Porting a PC game to a mobile isn’t only about technical feasibility, Valorant boasts a complex set of controls, especially with all the abilities that have to have an optimal transition when playing on a phone.

Keeping all the challenges in mind, it would be unwise to force them to release an unpolished version of Valorant mobile given we would all much rather have an optimized game on our phones over something that would take tons of updates to just be able to run smoothly. Riot is unlikely to release an unoptimized game so hold your horses until there is an announcement.

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