When is the Next Valorant Night Market?

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Valorant is currently one of the most popular competitive shooters out there that boasts a daily player count in millions. With the ever-growing player base of Valorant, more and more players are looking to purchase weapon skins for the title to enhance their gameplay experience. While these skins don’t necessarily give you an edge in combat, they can improve your skins visuals and often come with unique effects.

One of the best ways to obtain skins in Valorant is through the Night Market. The Night Market enables players to buy various Valorant skins at a discounted rate, which is generally much cheaper than the original prices of the skins.

However, the Night Market in Valorant isn’t available throughout the year. It’s only introduced by Riot at specific times and usually goes away in two weeks. If you’re looking to know more about the next night market in Valorant, keep reading to find out.

Next Night Market in Valorant

The exact date of the Night Market isn’t usually revealed by Riot Games ahead of its arrival. However, since the last Night Market was introduced to the title on December 21, 2021, fans can expect the next Valorant Night Market to occur sometime in February 2022.

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