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Voice actor of Skye in Valorant

Skye is the newest agent to enter the world of Valorant. Released on October 27th, the Australian agent packs a skillset that any player would love to have in their team. Today, we take a look at the voice actor behind Skye.

Skye Voice Actor

As many of you would have guessed, Skye is played by an Australian voice actor named Mirana O’Hare.

Before Valorant, O’Hare has been a part of a number of other TV shows, movies, and video games where she played some roles herself or voiced other characters.

O’Hare is originally from Cambra, Australia, but moved to Sydney during her late teenage years. As revealed by herself, she auditioned for the character of Skye amid quarantine around April and got the role.

Valorant Skye Real Name

As revealed by the voice actor, Skye originally had a very different name. O’Hare said that Skye’s name was supposed to be ‘Emily’ instead, the character which she auditioned for. The developers changed the name later.

For those of you wondering, O’Hare isn’t an avid gamer herself. In fact, when she reached the audition and was told that it was for Valorant, she had no idea what Valorant was.

“When I got there, they told me it was for Valorant, which, to be totally honest, I didn’t know what it was ‘cause I don’t play games or anything like that,” she said during an interview.

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