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VCT LOCK//IN 2023 Schedule Announced

Riot Games revealed the VALORANT Champions Tour LOCK/IN format today in São Paulo. The 2023 VCT season and partnership era begin with a three-week competition.

The first official event of the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour will be held in Brazil, and all of the qualified teams for the VCT LOCK//IN tournament will take part in it. On February 13, all partnered teams from the Americas, Pacific, and EMEA VCT Leagues will debut in this tournament.

At the beginning of the 2023 Valorant season, the 30 partnered teams alongside two Chinese sides will compete in the largest tournament that Riot Games has ever organized. This event will serve as the season’s kickoff. Each of the thirty teams will leave their respective territories in order to display their newly assembled rosters.

The competition will begin with matches on the 13th of February and will come to a close with the championship match on the 4th of March. According to the schedule that is currently available, viewers will be able to watch at least one match from the tournament each day between the dates that it begins and when it concludes.

Each of the 32 teams will be assigned a seed and placed into a single-elimination bracket that is designed to maximize “the possibility of inter-regional matches for the second round.” Five teams from the Americas, five teams from EMEA, five teams from the Pacific, and one team from China make up each bracket.

From February 13-19, the “Alpha” group will compete on the first side of the bracket until only two teams remain. Matches in the “Omega” group will take place between February 22 and February 27. 

The best-of-three format will be used for all matches played between these times. Two semifinals and the championship match will be played from March 2–4, with each match being best-of-five sets.

The complete schedule for VCT LOCK/IN So Paulo is presented below : 

February 13

1. KOI vs. NRG

2. DetonatioN FM vs. Giants

3. Gen.G vs. LOUD

February 14

1. FunPlus Phoenix vs. Karmine Corp

2. BBL Esports vs. DRX

3. Cloud9 vs. Paper Rex

February 15

1. Team Heretics vs. Evil Geniuses

2. MIBR vs. Talon Esports

February 17

1. Alpha bracket round two

2. Alpha bracket round two

February 18

1. Alpha bracket round two

2. Alpha bracket round two

February 19

1. Alpha bracket round three

2. Alpha bracket round three

February 22

1. Team Liquid vs. Team Secret

2. NAVI vs. KRÜ Esports

3. ZETA DIVISION vs. Leviatán

February 23

1. Team Vitality vs. Global Esports

2. FUT Esports vs. Rex Regum Qeon

3. 100 Thieves vs. Edward Gaming

February 24

1. Sentinels vs. Fnatic

2. T1 vs. FURIA

February 25

1. Omega bracket round two

2. Omega bracket round two

February 26

1. Omega bracket round two

2. Omega bracket round two

February 27

1. Omega bracket round three

2. Omega bracket round three

March 2


March 3


March 4

Grand final

Riot Games has made a public announcement concerning all of the ticket prices for the forthcoming VCT LOCK//IN Brazil 2023 competition.

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