VCT Champions: Match-ups revealed, details inside

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The final iteration of the VCT 2021 has arrived with the ultimate Champions event scheduled to kick off from December 1 onwards. A total of 16 teams will contest to grab the Champions title along with a lion’s share of  $350,000 USD from the prize pool worth $1,000,000 USD. 

After a series of events held around the Valorant Champions Tour pro circuit in 2021, we saw a plethora of highly esteemed professional teams like Cloud9 Blue, Team Liquid, Fnatic battle out through the regional qualifiers and events in a bid to further book their slot at the forthcoming Valorant Champions, Riot’s first largest event till date which would determine a world champion ever since the game’s launch in June 2020.

As mentioned, 16 teams made their way to the Valorant Champions Berlin through different regional events including the Masters, Last Chance Qualifiers while some had to bank on their fate as per the table standings.

The Champions Berlin will have a group stage featuring GSL play followed by a single-elimination eight-team playoff stage. The initial match-ups have already been determined by Riot ahead of the Champions Berlin which have drawn 4 where teams have been seeded according to their final standings and results from the previous regional events.

Group A :

Team Envy
Keyd Stars

Group B :

KRÜ Esports
Team Liquid
FURIA Esports

Group C :

Gambit Esports
Team Vikings
Team Secret
Crazy Raccoon

Group D :

Cloud9 Blue
Vision Strikers

The top two teams from each group would move further to the Playoffs while facing double elimination. After the Group Stage, a random draw will seed the Knockout Stage. The four teams who have advanced out of their group in 1st place will face a randomly selected 2nd place team from a different group. The teams will then play through an eight-team elimination bracket, with the first round seeing teams who placed 1st play against teams who placed 2nd. Except for the Grand finals, all the matches would follow a Best of 3 format while the former would be a best of 5 series.

The opening fixtures are as follows:

Dec 1, 2021

Vision Strikers Vs FULL SENSE – 19:30 PM IST
Team Vikings Vs Crazy Raccoon – 22:30 PM IST

Dec 2, 2021

Gambit Esports Vs Team Secret – 19:30 PM IST
KRÜ Esports Vs Team Liquid – 22:30 PM IST
Fnatic vs Cloud9 Blue – 01:30 AM IST

Dec 3, 2021

Ascend Vs Keyd Stars – 19:30 PM IST
Team Envy Vs X10 CRIT – 22:30 AM IST
Sentinels Vs FURIA – 01:30 AM IST

Where to watch Valorant Champions Berlin?

Valorant Champions Berlin will be broadcast in many languages and the full list of channels can be found below. In Addition to Twitch and YouTube, Valorant Champions Berlin would be the first-ever event to be streamed on Trovo, a video game live streaming platform.

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