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Orangutan Take Home Their Third Victory Defeating Medal Esports 2-1

Medal Esports faced their first loss in VCL against one of the strongest contenders in their group, Orangutan. Both won their opponent’s map pick, and Orangutan managed to take away the third map in a one-sided fashion.

Orangutan Esports Roster and Lineup

Orangutan Esports is a team of skilled players led by Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose as IGL, Akram “Rawfiul” Virani, Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar, Azis “azys” Nandang, Jm “tesseract” Ignacio, and Rajiv “LeVi” Satpute (Sub). At this moment Levi is playing in place of RvK.

Medal Esports Roster and Lineup

The Medal Esports has a 7-man roster with Rishabh “Ezzy” Gupta, Tanmay “FOX” Verma, Prish “tricky” Valvani, Emmanuel “jEEE” Buenavidez, Oscar “Kakarot” Jr., Sameer “godvexy” Sharma (Sub), Daivik “DcRulz” Chauhan (Sub).

Map Veto and Selection

Medal Esports banned Split and Orangutan banned Ascent. Medal Esports went on to select Fracture and Orangutan picked Icebox. Pearl and Lotus were banned, making the final map Haven.

Map Recap

OG started strong as they won the pistol round with a triple kill on Levi. OG won the bonus round as well with Tesseract holding down the site. OG went 7-0 in the start but Medal began their count in the 8th round, winning a broken buy. OG regained their pace again and finished the half at  10-2. Medal won the pistol round on the defensive side, but Antidote almost clutched a 1 vs 4 situation. But OG forced their buy in the second round and won it. OG finished the map one-sided 13-5, not giving any chances to Medal to build confidence in their map pick.

On Icebox, Medal won the pistol round, showing promising control on the map, with Tricky getting a triple kill. Medal got a thrifty win in round 5. Despite playing well, they managed to throw away their lead to OG, finishing the half in OG’s favor as 7-5. At 11-8, Azys got an amazing ace on Jett. However, Medal won 13-9 as they started by winning the pistol round again and Kakarot got multiple frags in multiple rounds. They won on OG’s map pick, giving them the confidence they needed to go into map 3.

OG showed early dominance as they won the pistol and just gave away the bonus round and went up to the scoreline of 8-1. Rawfiul got multiple frags on the attacker side, giving OG the man advantage they needed to enter the site. Medal gained momentum pretty late into the half, finishing it at 4-8. But they couldn’t carry forward this momentum into the other half as they lost the pistol round and couldn’t win a single round on the attacking side, with OG winning the last map at the scoreline of 13-4. Azys went crazy on Skye, getting a KDA of 18/8/6.

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