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Gods Reign Defeat MLT Esports to Move Up in the Points Table

MLT Esports was handed their second loss by Gods Reign as they lost 13-8 and 13-2 from them. The first map still went a bit close, but the second map was finished dominatingly by Gods Reign.

MLT Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of MLT Esports comprised Atharv “Rio” Ahire as the IGL, Saharyar “BadmaN” Shaikh, Abhay “KnightRider” Mulchandani, Jay “BADlove” Patil, and Venkatesh “Venka” Sharma.

Gods Reign Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of God’s Reign consists of Vibhor “Vibhor” Vaid as IGL, Garvit “Ember” Nehra, Aman “Hoax” Yadav, Nick “tixx” Quinn, Kale “autumn” Dunne, and Simar “psy” Sethi, who also played his first map today.

Map Veto and Selection

Gods Reign went ahead to ban Fracture and MLT banned Lotus. Gods Reign picked Haven and MLT picked Pearl. Split and Icebox were banned respectively, with Ascent as the final map.

Match Recap

GDR started strong with their pistol and anti-eco win, and MLT won the buy round. GDR converted the 4th round with Autumn getting triple kills. Psydreams also redeemed himself as a player who was here to dominate, by getting multiple frags in a lot of rounds. All the members of GDR seemed to out-aim the players in MLT, with their insane retakes and defenses. The first half finished with a dominating score of 10-2. 

The pistol was won by MLT, thanks to the triple kill by Venka2cold. They managed to bring in 4 rounds consecutively and tried to pull a comeback but GDR managed to stop them in their tracks and close the map at 13-8. Autumn was the MVP with an ACS of 307.

Again GDR won the pistol round, not giving MLT any space to breathe. They even managed to convert their bonus round in 3 vs 5 situations, weakening the mental strength of MLT. Hoax managed to get a triple kill on his bulldog. MLT secured the 5th round thanks to Badlove’s triple kills, but that was the end of it. GDR did not drop a single round after that, completing the half at 11-1. Tixx clutched a 1 vs 2 as well as Vibhorr clutched a 1 vs 3 situations, showing the lack of synergy between the players of MLT. 

MLT seemed to try and gain momentum by winning the pistol round with Badman getting the triple kill, but GDR kept their terror alive as they won their eco round against MLT, with Vibhor getting a triple kill. They closed the map on 13-2, with pure domination with an insane performance by Vibhorr on Killjoy, scoring an ACS of 409. Pearl seems to be a very strong map of GDR, and today’s performance might lead future opponents of GDR to ban Pearl against them.

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