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Brimstone to Receive Buffs in Valorant Episode 2, Leaks Suggest

Dataminers have revealed that the beret-wearing agent will receive several buffs in the next Valorant episode.

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Brimstone has undoubtedly been one of the most underwhelming agents in Valorant as of late. Not only are his win-rates quite low compared to other Valorant controllers, but his pick rate in the professional scene has also taken a drastic hit over the last few months.

For instance, stats reveal that Brimstone had a zero percent pick rate in the Valorant First Strike North American Finals, while he made only four appearances in the European Finals. For comparison, fellow controller Omen had a whopping 100% pick rate in the North American Finals.

However, some recent leaks are suggesting that Brimstone is about to be buffed quite significantly in the upcoming Valorant Episode 2 update. 

According to a tweet by Valorant Leaks, three of Brimstone’s abilities will receive buffs in the next major update. 

  • Sky Smoke: Smoke cast range increased from 4200>5000 units. Smoke duration increased from 14.25 seconds to 19.25 seconds. 
  • Incendiary: Price reduced from $300 to $200.
  • Stim Beacon: Equip time removed, will quickcast from now. 

These much needed changes are certain to increase the agent’s winrate by a margin. The buffs may also be enough to boost Brimstone’s pick rates significantly in the competitive scene and make him a much more viable controller overall. 

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