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VALORANT’s Patch 7.07 Unveiled

VALORANT, Riot Games’ premier first-person shooter, is once again in the spotlight with the release of its much-anticipated Patch 7.07. This update promises not only to refine gameplay but also to address some of the community’s most pressing concerns.

A Surprising Reversal in Competitive Matchmaking

One of the most talked-about features of Patch 7.07 is the reversal of a recent change to the game’s competitive matchmaking rules. Initially, in Patch 7.06, Riot Games introduced a ranked restriction to combat the issues of botting and smurfing in VALORANT.

This restriction prevented Ascendant players from queuing with players ranked Gold or below. However, after significant community feedback, Riot Games decided to roll back this change.

The developers acknowledged the importance of flexibility in forming five-stack parties and are now seeking alternative solutions to address the underlying issues.

Enhancements and Visual Upgrades

Haven, one of VALORANT’s iconic maps, will see a visual upgrade to its destructible doors located at Mid Garage. This change aims to improve player visibility, making it easier for players to secure those crucial wall-bang kills.

Additionally, the game will undergo performance optimizations, particularly benefiting systems with discrete Intel GPUs. Riot Games has enabled multithreaded rendering for these systems, ensuring smoother gameplay for a wider range of players.

Agent Adjustments and Bug Fixes

Patch 7.07 introduces several agent-specific changes, with Cypher receiving notable attention. His ultimate, Neural Theft, has been buffed to complete even if Cypher is eliminated after casting.

This change is expected to bring a fresh dynamic to how players utilize Cypher in their strategies. Additionally, several bugs affecting agents and the game’s sound system have been addressed, ensuring a more seamless gaming experience.

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