Valorant Teases Oni 2.0 Skin Bundle: What’s Inside?

Valorant oni 2.0

The official Twitter handle of Valorant has tweeted an image where four swords are buried under a tree in front of the Sun. The caption says “再来” which means “again”. According to several leakers and data miners, this tweet hints at the release of the Oni 2.0 skin bundle in Valorant.

This image has hyped up the upcoming skin collection a lot within the Valorant community. As you can see, four Katanas are standing on the ground lit by the sun. The Japanese masks, commonly known as Oni masks, portray red-cheeked Japanese devils. In addition, the Oni demons are said to fend off bad spirits to safeguard their owners.

Moreover, ValorLeaks also tweeted mentioning that the next Valorant skin bundle is going to be Oni 2.0 which makes the conjecture more evident.

The previous Oni bundle was introduced in 2020 and it included Phantom, Guardian, Shorty, Bucky, and a melee weapon. However, the new Oni 2.0 is expected to include the Vandal as well as the Classic.

Even though the developers haven’t confirmed anything regarding the price of the bundle, we expect it to be around 7100 VP to 8700 VP. Therefore, you should start making your wallet ready from now on if you want to purchase the Oni 2.0 bundle.

The release date isn’t confirmed yet. The developers may release the bundle after the ongoing VCT event.

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