After months of ongoing speculation, the Reaver skin bundle is about to hit the in-game store in Valorant today.

The bundle was originally released way back during the closed beta phase of the game. It was the first collection in the competitive shooter that introduced evolving features like custom reticles and significantly changed the weapon shapes. The bundle received an insane amount of popularity, but was removed from the game since the official launch on June 4th.

The revamped skin bundle comes to Valorant only a day after the patch 1.11 dropped, bringing with it the new agent Skye and a bunch of other features to the game.

Valorant Reveal Skin Bundle Price

The prices for each individual gun skin in the Reaver bundle will be 1,775 VP while the melee skin will cost 3,550 VP. The entire bundle can be purchased at 7,100 VP.

Valorant Reveal Skin Bundle Release Date

The bundle will be available in-game starting from November 3rd at 10 pmGMT.

The Reaver Bundle will include the following stuff:

  • Sheriff Skin
  • Operator Skin
  • Vandal Skin
  • Guardian Skin
  • Melee Skin
  • Reaver Player Card
  • Spray
  • Gun Buddy


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