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Valorant Pro Faces Permaban for Sneaky Account Swap in Game Changers Tournament

Professional Valorant player Madelyn “Malibu” Campos has received a permanent ban from all Riot-sanctioned events after getting caught by Riot Anti-Cheat during an ongoing match versus Complexity GX3 in VCT 2023: Game Changers North America Series 3.

The official competitive ruling by Riot Games was released three months after the occurrence of the incident in October 2023.

As per the ruling, two of team Noot Noot’s players – Malibu and James “Summertime” Edwards – have been handed suspensions by Riot. Noot Noot was made to forfeit the last map in their BO3 series against Complexity GX3 after Riot’s Anti-Cheat flagged one of its players.

Following the incident, Riot Games announced that it would launch a thorough investigation on the situation, which concluded in January 2024.

According to the investigation, Malibu had tried to circumvent her existing hardware bans by providing false information playing from another player’s account during the tournament, which goes in direct violation of Riot’s ToS.

The ruling reads, “Madelyn was aware of her standing and intentionally circumvented the hardware ban by participating in the tournament on a new computer and using another player’s account.”

As a result, Madelyn was handed a permanent ban from “any association or affiliation with a team in any Riot-sanctioned competition.”

Summertime, who was also a team Noot Noot member, was discovered to have violated Article 17.6 of the VCT Game Changers Ruleset. She provided the tournament operator with a fabricated picture of Madelyn and actively attempted to provide fraudulent information during the verification process. Consequently, Summertime received a one-year suspension from all Riot-sanctioned events.

Riot Games’ investigation also disclosed no evidence indicating awareness or involvement by other members of Noot Noot in this incident, which is why no disciplinary proceedings were initiated against the remaining members of Noot Noot.

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