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Valorant PBE Schedule 2023: All you need to know

The latest season of Valorant, Episode 7 Act 1, has brought many exciting new features for players to enjoy. However, along with these additions, some bugs have surfaced, particularly concerning the new agent, Deadlock. In response, the developers have come up with a plan to conduct trial runs of upcoming patches on their Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers.

The PBE servers act as separate testing grounds to ensure that new features and changes are thoroughly assessed before their official release.

Valorant PBE Schedule and Update

To provide players with insights into the testing schedule, here are the details of the Valorant PBE schedule for 2023. The recently released Patch 7.0 went live on June 27th, coinciding with the launch of Episode 7 Act 1.

The PBE testing period for this patch took place from June 23rd to June 26th. Generally, PBE testing for upcoming patches spans a weekend, starting on Friday around 04:00 PM PST and concluding on the following Monday around 11:00 PST. Based on this pattern, the upcoming PBE patches are expected as follows:

  • Valorant Patch 7.00: June 23rd to June 26th
  • Valorant Patch 7.01: No scheduled PBE testing
  • Valorant Patch 7.02: July 14th to July 17th
  • Valorant Patch 7.03: July 28th to July 31st

Episode 7 Act 1 of Valorant introduced a variety of exciting features, but it also uncovered some bugs. The upcoming patches aim to address these issues while also making adjustments to agent abilities, including nerfs, buffs, and balance changes. Players will have the opportunity to observe how other agents’ abilities interact with those of Deadlock, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and promoting consistency.

Deadlock, as a new agent, has generated significant interest among Valorant players. The upcoming patches will focus on fine-tuning Deadlock’s abilities and ensuring they integrate seamlessly with the existing agent pool. The developers are committed to maintaining balance and fairness while allowing Deadlock’s unique skills to shine.

The Team Deathmatch game mode has gained immense popularity within the Valorant community. As a result, there is speculation about potential changes to further improve the mode. However, it’s crucial to approach such information with caution, as no official announcements have been made by Riot Games thus far.

To stay informed about the upcoming changes and have a chance to provide feedback, it is advisable to participate in the PBE trials. This involvement will give players firsthand experience with the new features and enable them to contribute to the refinement of the game. By staying engaged, players can fully immerse themselves in the enhanced Valorant experience.

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