Valorant Patch 3.04 Delayed on Asia Pacific Servers


The patch notes for Valorant 3.04 were revealed by Riot yesterday, and while the patch didn’t bring any major changes to the shooter, it included several QoL improvements and bug fixes.

However, unlike other regions, it seems like the Asia Pacific region hasn’t received this update as of yet. Usually, players would expect to receive the Valorant 3.04 update around 5:30 am IST. But this wasn’t the case this time, as players across the APAC region are complaining about not receiving the 3.04 update today even after several hours of the usual update schedule of Riot. 

There have also been reports of Valorant Mumbai servers going down on the morning of August 25th, which is likely related to the delay in the release of patch 3.04.

While we’re still in the dark about why this is happening, the official Twitter handle of Valorant South Asia has acknowledged the issue and reassured players that Valorant patch 3.04 will go live in the next few hours. 

“We’re expecting delays in deploying Patch 3.04,” the Tweet reads. “Apologies! Hoping to be up in roughly 3 hours.”

Valorant players can read the detailed patch notes of Valorant 3.04 on the official blog post here

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