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Valorant Night Market For April Is Live Now: End Date, Skins, and More

The Night Market event in Valorant is something that players look forward to at the end of every Act, for it offers six randomized weapon skins at a discounted rate. The event is short-lived but provides a unique opportunity for players to acquire high-end skins at a lower price, making it an exciting and highly anticipated event.

Valorant Night Market April 2023 End Date

On April 5, 2023, the Night Market for Episode 6 Act 2 finally went live, much to the delight of players. This iteration of the event will last for 20 days, which is longer than the previous 12-day cycle, allowing players more time to explore and purchase skins that appeal to them.

New bundles in Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 2’s Night Market

But wait, there’s more! The Night Market now features new bundles eligible for Episode 6 Act 2, such as Abyssal, Cryostasis, Ion 2.0, and Soulstrife, which were previously unavailable in the previous cycles. Sadly, the new premium bundle, Oni 2.0, will not be available in the current rotation, for the Night Market only accommodates skin bundles that are at least two Acts old.

While the randomized nature of the Night Market makes it impossible to predict the skins you’ll get, you’re guaranteed to receive at least two premium gun skins or one premium skin and one melee skin. Among the highly coveted premium cosmetics are the Ion 2.0 and the Cryostasis Vandal skins, while the Soulstrife Scythe is also a respectable find. Classic collections like Reaver, Prime, and Oni will also be available, and they’re timeless.

Moreover, players can diversify their collections and acquire new favorites at a decent discount through the Night Market. However, the luck factor is essential when it comes to getting the skins you want.

In conclusion, Valorant’s Episode 6 Act 2 Night Market is an opportunity that players won’t want to miss. It’s an excellent way to acquire premium skins at discounted prices, and with its longer duration, players can take their time and make informed purchasing decisions. Don’t miss out on this chance to score skins that will make your collection shine!

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