Valorant new map teaser revealed; shows a night-mode map


There will soon be a new map and the return of Split in Valorant Act 1, Episode 6. A preview for the ninth map may have been released by Riot Games, and it’s not what players were expecting.

If you follow the official Riot handle, you may have seen a cryptic teaser for the upcoming ninth map of Valorant. It’s the narrator and the possible map’s look that really take you by surprise. If Valorant moves on to a new site, it will probably be at night.

As the caption says, we might get a sneak peek of the map on January 5th along with any further details if available.

This new-looking map raises suspicions that Riot is preparing to violate yet another unspoken norm.

Riot has not yet included a night mode map for Valorant, however, the recent teaser on their official page hints at a new map that might soon be on the horizon. 

On Valorant’s official page, Riot posted a rainy, gloomy teaser that featured the guardian of nightmares, Fade.

There hasn’t been a new competitive map added to Valorant in about six months. Fans of the shooter Valorant all over the world praised the last map Pearl, which was released on June 22, 2022.

The Valorant devs have recently announced that a new game mechanic would be introduced alongside the next Valorant map, and the player base is eager to find out what changes Riot Games has in store for them.

It seems likely that a night-time map will be included, as suggested by both the night sky and Fade’s speech line. A solitary Fade stands alone against a night-time skyline of towering buildings and bizarre characters.

Now Riot has hinted at a setting that seems like it could be straight out of a Cyberpunk fantasy: a city at night filled with Neon. There is red and orange neon lighting the buildings, and it is raining. The sky is noticeably gloomy, and the map has a distinctly futuristic style.

All Valorant maps have, so far, been designed with clear daylight, as is typical of first-person shooter settings. In 5v5 games, visibility is very important; yet, players have never been averse to playing on maps set at night.

Nonetheless, creators have to think about playability, which is why nighttime maps are still uncommon.

It’s either a whole new map or Riot has added a new section to Split and made it more suitable for the evening. Split does not have any buildings of this height, so this must be a new map nine. Whatever the situation may be, the area does not resemble any place on any known map.

In January 2023, Riot Games will withdraw the Bind and Breeze from competitive play and reintroduce the Split. In June 2022, the devs said they will keep seven maps in Valorant’s active map pool, so the next map may arrive in the same release.
Valorant’s Act 1 Episode 6, would introduce a whole new map by the end of the month.

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