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Valorant Minima Skin Bundle: All you need to know

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A new Valorant skin bundle, known as “Minima”, shall soon be revealed by Riot. Ever since the release of Valorant, and the Battle Pass, developers have set the motion to launch a plethora of new weapon skins that could either be purchased from the game store or earned by leveling up the Battle Pass.

According to the esteemed Twitter user and Data miner, ValorLeaks, the latter has provided us with yet another leak consisting of a brand new skin bundle “Minima”.

Every bundle released by Riot is unique in its own way and so is Minima. The Vanilla weapons of Valorant have been given a matte black finish, eventually which can be called an upgrade to an average-looking inventory. Priced at just 5500 Valorant Points, the Minima Skin bundle will provide you with the following weapons with the matte black finish:

Minima Phantom (1275VP)

Minima Phantom

Minima Spectre (1275VP)

Minima Spectre

Minima Sheriff (1275VP)

Minima Sheriff

Minima Operator (1275VP)

Minima Operator

Minima Ares (1275VP)

Minima Ares

Minima Skin Bundle Price and Release Date

  • Full bundle price: 5100VP
  • Release date: 12th May 2021

Image credits: aSmoogl on YouTube.

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