Voice artists are an irreplaceable part in video games, and in titles like VALORANT they’re the ones who give every hero their individual characters. The voice actors behind VALORANT have done a wonderful task at making the heroes come to life, and we try to take a look at the people behind this job.

Chances are you’ve already come across some of these artists at some point in the past. Riot has compiled artists from big hits in the video gaming industry like Overwatch, Life is Strange, Borderlands and Dragon Age along with kpop stars and voices from TV shows and movies for their competitive shooter, and the results were flawless.

Not only does every single hero in the game have a plethora of voice lines for different scenarios, there are also some hidden voice lines in the game which can only be found under special circumstances. For instance, Sage has a special voice line reserved for when she revives herself, which is in no way possible in a normal match.

Now let’s take a peek at all the current characters in VALORANT and their brilliant voice artists –

Viper | Ashly Burch

Remember Chloe from Life is Strange? This is her now:

Feel old yet?

Yes, Ashly Burch – the same character who voiced Chloe in Life is Strange – played the voice of Viper in VALORANT. Her “Welcome to my world!” is the most iconic voice line for Viper and is enough to give every one of us chills every single time we hear it. Ashly has also voiced several other characters in giant titles like Tina in Borderlands, and Aloy in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Cypher | Nabil Elouahabi

Cypher wouldn’t be the same as who he is without the brilliance of Nabil Elouahabi as his voice artist.

Nabil is a British-Moroccan actor renowned for his roles in EastEnders, Journey to Mecca, The sum of all fears and many other movies and TV shows. However, this is only his second appearance as a video game voice artist after Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Jett | Shannon Williams

Shannon is a British-South Korean singer and a loop artist. She has no prior experience as a voice artist but you wouldn’t be able to catch that by the efforts she has put into voicing Jett.

Jett is one of the most popular picks in VALORANT due to her agile skillset and her ability to finish opponents in one hit with her ultimate.

Shannon had made her debut as a solo artist back in December 2014 with her digital single ‘Daybreak Rain’.

Omen | Jason Marnocha

Jason is a popular name in the voiceover industry, and has made previous appearances in movies and video games alike.

Jason is known for his voice acting in Singularity,  Transformers: Titans Return, and games like Shenmue III and One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

Calling Jason the ideal voice artist for Omen would be an understatement. The character of Omen feels like it was built to be voiced by him.

Sage | Naomi Yang

Previously, Naomi has made appearances in shows like New Blood, DCI Banks, Hollyoaks and movies like Lilting.

Like Shannon, VALORANT is the first appearance of Naomi Yang as a voice artist, and if you’ve played the character you can probably tell that she did a very good job at it.

Afolabi is also a new name in the video game industry. He has only made one previous appearance in the TV show ‘The Split’ and this is his second work.

Phoenix | Afolabi Alli

However, it feels as if the character of Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without this man voicing it.

Sova | Aaron Vodovoz

Aaron is another name who doesn’t have previous experience in this industry. However, he has been a part of a few TV shows and movies like The King’s Man.

The Russian accent he played for Sova adds to the unique character of the only archer in VALORANT.

Raze | Carolina Ravassa

Carolina has worked as a voice actor in AAA titles like GTA V and Max Payne 3. But her most notable work is that of Some in Overwatch.

Carolina had also made an appearance in the popular TV show Mr. Robot.

Breach | David Mankind

David Mankind is a veteran artist famous in both the movies and the video game world.

He has previously voiced characters in huge titles like Crysis 2, Quantum Break, Alien: Isolation and Battlefield.

These voice artists have together helped shape VALORANT to what it is today. With more new heroes set to be released in VALORANT in the near future, the world is surely eager to see what new voice artists can Riot bring to their game.

Killjoy | Faye Mata

Killjoy, the genius from Germany, is voiced by a familiar face to Riot. Faye Mata voiced the League of Legends champion LuLu, as well as Sierokate in Granblue Fantasy: The Animation, among many other credits.

Reyna | Karina Altamirano

The soul-sucking terror from Mexico, Reyna, is voiced by Karina Altamirano. Karina is mostly known for her work in the Spanish dub of Digimon Data Squad, creating over seven voices for the series.

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