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Valorant is Coming To Consoles: Limited Beta Starts Next Week

Exciting news for console gamers throughout the globe: Valorant is finally making its way to consoles! Yes, Riot Games has confirmed that their popular tactical shooter will be available to play on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5 (PS5®) in the near future, with a limited beta set to kick off next week.

“We believe there are millions of players that would love to play VALORANT, but currently can’t, and we hope to change that with bringing VALORANT to consoles,” Arnar Gylfason, Production Director of VALORANT at Riot Games, said in a statement. “We aim to provide them the joy of the VALORANT experience and all it entails: a core tactical shooter gameplay focused on mastery and player expression, a team-based competitive environment where match quality and fairness come first, our amazing ecosystem with a unique style, high-quality cosmetics and a thriving community that values personal and competitive identity.”

The news certainly comes as a delight to console gamers who are also a fan of the competitive shooter genre. Until now, Valorant has been exclusively available on PCs, leaving console players eager for their turn to join the action.

Valorant Console Playstation Xbox gameplay

As confirmed by the developers, both the Xbox and PS5 formats will feature custom-built Valorant gameplay, maintaining the game’s high standards for competitive integrity. While crossplay between the PC and console versions of Valorant won’t be supported, players on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 will share a connected inventory and synchronized gameplay progression tied to their Valorant accounts.

Also, both PC and console players will be able to enjoy simultaneous platform releases of all live patch balances, new agents, maps, premium content, and additional live service features.

How To Apply for Valorant Console Limited Beta?

Players who are looking to join the limited beta of the Valorant console can register their interest in beta access at Riot’s official website. As mentioned earlier, the limited beta of the title is expected to start next week. However, Riot Games hasn’t provided an estimated release date for Valorant console at the time of writing.

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