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Valorant Give Back Bundle 2024: Skins, Release Date & More

If you have purchased skins in Valorant, you know Riot has complete control over the selection of skins inside a skin bundle. However, in many cases, the community doesn’t like the developers’ choice of the skins inside a bundle. That gap gets eliminated to some extent by the Valorant Give Back Bundle that comes out every year.

Valorant Give Back Bundle is a skin bundle that includes skins selected by the community. The selection is done by voting where you can also vote for your favorite skin. Riot claims that 50% of skin and 100% of accessories revenues will go to Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

What is the Riot Games Social Impact Fund?

According to Riot Games, the Riot Games Social Impact Fund is a charitable venture fund that makes donations to international nonprofit organizations. Riot Games has partnered with ImpactAssets and the fund.

Through our social impact programs, we hope to contribute positively to causes that deeply resonate to our players and our communities.

Riot Games

Valorant Give Back Bundle 2024 Skins & Release Date

Valorant has already released the poll on their official account. There you can vote for your favorite skin that you want to see in the upcoming Give Back Bundle 2024. The voting will be live till 7th April at 9:00 AM PT.

Check out the skins that are competing for their participation in the bundle:

  • Valiant Hero Ghost vs Ion Sheriff
  • Reaver Spectre vs Gaia’s Vengeance Ares
  • Oni Phantom vs Ion Vandal
  • Sovereign Guardian vs Reaver Operator

Apart from the skins, there will be gun buddies, cards, and sprays in the bundle.

The release date of the Give Back Bundle 2024 is still unknown. However, we expect this bundle to be released within this month.

Now if you are wondering about the pricing of the bundle, it will cost around 6000 to 7000 VP (Valorant Points). We will update you once the exact amount is revealed.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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