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Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 Night Market Set to Return on April 4

If you’re an avid Valorant player who’s also into collecting weapon skins, make sure that you have your wallets ready, as only a few days remain before the heavily anticipated Episode 6 Act 2 Valorant Night Market is all set to hit the live servers of the competitive shooter.

As confirmed by Data Miner, the Valorant Night Market will come to the game in April 2023, and it will once again provide a great opportunity for players to expand their Valorant skin collection. 

Valorant’s Night Market is a semi-regular event that offers exclusive cosmetics at discounted prices. The Night Market is an event that absolutely must not be skipped by any player who is serious about collecting weapon skins and playing Valorant.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 Night Market: All you need to know

In a little under a month, the Night Market of Valorant will make its triumphant return to the game. The Episode 6 Act 2 Night Market, as announced by Riot Games on their Twitter, will be available from April 4-25. 

Players can spend Valorant Points, which must be purchased with real money, on six skins at random each day from the Night Market. These skins are not included in the current bundle or the daily store offerings.

The corresponding dates for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific are April 4 through 25, 2023.

The Night Market is a place where one must rely solely on good fortune. The collections to be featured in the forthcoming Night Market are yet to be determined.

This includes melee skins, with the exception of those that cost more than 3550 VP. No skins included in the Ultra or Exclusive bundles will be available on the Night Market.

Of the six skins you receive, two must be knife skins or Premium edition gun skins. Here’s your chance to get your hands on a desired skin at a price significantly lower than what it would fetch on the regular market.

Night Market will run for 12 days, during which time you can purchase skins at the going market rate.

As we all know, new skin line bundles sometimes cost you a bomb, and here is where the Night Market comes into action. The latter allows you to get either Prime, Deluxe, or other grade weapons at a slightly lower price than their original.

Note: An entire bundle will never be put up on a hefty discount but only a single skin from that specific bundle would be. You’re blessed with a total of six weapon skin cards that can be revealed once flipped. 

Weapon cosmetics from the Select, Deluxe, and Premium edition skin tiers are featured in the Night Market although no Exclusive and Ultra tiers will be made available at discounted rates.


1. What is the Night Market in Valorant?

The Night Market is a special event that occurs periodically in Valorant, where players can purchase selected cosmetic items at a discounted price.

2. How often does the Night Market occur?

The Night Market is a random event and does not have a set schedule or frequency. It can occur at any time without warning.

3. What kind of items are available in the Night Market?

The Night Market offers a selection of cosmetic items such as weapon skins, player cards, and gun buddies. The items are randomly selected by the game and are unique to each player’s account.

4. How many items are available in the Night Market?

Each player will have their own unique selection of six items available in the Night Market.

5. Can I choose the items that appear in my Night Market?

No, the items that appear in the Night Market are randomly selected by the game and cannot be customized or changed.

6. Are the prices discounted in the Night Market?

Yes, the items in the Night Market are sold at a discounted price, ranging from 20% to 50% off their original cost.

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