Valorant Episode 4 Ranking System Explained

valorant ranking system

It has been nearly a month since the first act of Valorant Episode 4 went live, and a lot of Valorant players seem to be questioning the ranking system of the competitive shooter after the hard rank reset.

Players across multiple social media platforms are expressing their discontent after being placed in ranks much lower than their last Episode’s ranks. As a result, Valorant developer Jonathan “EvrMoar” Walker took it to Twitter to address the concerns of the community regarding the ranking system of the title. 

In his Tweet, Walker claims that the rank resets are done since each Valorant episode is competitively different than the one prior. According to him, players have to be able to prove their skills if they want to climb the ranking spectrum in Valorant. 

“I’m seeing lots of threads on the Episode 4 Rank Reset,” he said. “Yes, every episode will drop your rank because we do a ranked squish. Every Episode is competitively different then the Episode prior. We expect you to prove your skill, especially as the community evolves and gets better.”

He further explained that while the experience can be frustrating at times, players belonging to certain higher ranks may not have much difficulty in getting there once again.

“It can be extremely frustrating, I understand. But if you truly belong at a certain skill level you will get there,” Walker continued. “Just because you got Gold/Plat/Immortal/etc. doesn’t mean you can’t do it again. And if you can’t get back to that rank, do you deserve it in the current season?”

We have seen similar rank resets in Valorant at the start of Episode 2 and 3. With the title continually growing in player count, more and more players are competing to reach the highest levels, making the climb to Radiant more difficult for the players.

Remember, the highest that a player can place after a rank reset in Valorant is Diamond. While you may be struggling to move up the competitive ladder at the start of the Episode, the rank distribution is likely to balance itself over the next few weeks as time progresses.