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Valorant: Cypher Camera Glitch Lets Players Peek Attackers’ Spawn

Even after over nine months since its initial release, the Valorant agent Cypher still remains shrouded with bugs and game-breaking glitches. Only a week after we reported the game-breaking Cypher glitch where players could use his camera to instantly break Sage walls, it seems like another bug has surfaced.

This Cypher bug, that was shared to Reddit by u/TimBuckktwo, enables players to take a peek at the Attackers’ spawn at the start of a round in Ascent.

As shown in the video, to replicate the bug players have to get on top of the generators in the A-site of Ascent, and place their camera at a specific spot above the wall.

When executed properly, Cypher can easily look at the enemy team’s spawn at the start of a round.

Many players are claiming that this bug has been existent in the game for a while now. Moreover, this bug is quite easy to replicate, meaning that players can abuse it in ranked games.

Fans are hoping for Riot Games to deliver a fix on this issue at the earliest.

Sonu Banerjee
Sonu Banerjeehttp://www.talkesport.com
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