Valorant Competitive Queue is Disabled Today December 2022: Here’s Why

valorant queue disabled

As we’re standing only a few hours away from the release of the Valorant patch 5.12, many players have started complaining that they’re unable to queue for competitive while trying to play the game.

If you’re finding yourself unable to queue for the competitive game mode in Valorant, then don’t panic. Like every other Valorant update, the competitive queue for the game has been disabled ahead of the upcoming Valorant patch 5.12.

A massive Valorant patch is coming soon, and while it won’t add maps or Agents, it will drastically change Agent utility. The Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE) server has been updated with many enhancements that will be tested in the next weeks. Even if only half of them are successful, it might significantly alter the metagame in some way.

The vast majority of the adjustments are mostly a bunch of nerfs, although there are also some buffs included in the update. The whole breakdown may be found below, however, please keep in mind that these adjustments have not yet been made publically. 

They are subject to modification based on the results of their test on the PBE. The well-known data miner ValorLeaks provided TalkEsport with the following information, which was brought to the company’s attention:

Read About The Changes Here:


The servers being down could be from either a technical issue that Riot Games is trying to fix or due to Riot Games updating the title.

This reasoning is why the queue will be disabled to prevent players from getting into a match when an update is being applied to the tactical shooter.

We Wait For an Official Statement From Riot Games.