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Valorant Players Frustrated Over Unreturned Rank Rating After Hacker Bans

Players Demand Change, Citing Other Games With Similar Systems

Valorant is a highly competitive game, and like most other online competitive games on the internet, it also suffers from the problem of cheaters. While Riot Games has taken several measures to curb the number of cheaters in their FPS title, the issue persists and continues to be a significant challenge for both developers and players alike.

Valorant players have often resorted to social media forums to express their discontent at the growing number of cheaters in the game, but instances of cheaters getting banned are also pretty common.

Generally, if you encounter a cheater in one of your previous games and they get banned from Valorant, you will receive a notification about the ban. However, many Valorant players find it frustrating that even if a cheater is banned from one of their ranked games, Riot Games does not refund the rank rating (RR) points lost in that game.

Reddit user ‘FrameOfDoor’ recently shared their recent experience with a blatant cheater in Valorant. They further claim that even though the cheater was banned shortly after, no RR points were refunded to them as a result of the ban.

Other users chimed in with similar thoughts, pointing out that many other prominent esports titles, such as Overwatch 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and even Chess already have this feature implemented.

byu/FrameOfDoor from discussion

While Riot Games has made strides in addressing cheating within Valorant, the lack of rank rating (RR) point refunds for games affected by cheaters remains a significant source of frustration among players. Fans of the shooter are eagerly looking forward to see whether the devs take any measures to provide RR compensations for players who are unfortunate enough to encounter cheaters in their ranked matches.

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