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Valorant 7.10 Deadlock Buffs Leaked: All Changes Explained

Since the dawn of her release, Norwegian Valorant Agent Deadlock has found herself in the bottom of the charts both in terms of pick rates and win rates in the competitive shooter. While her unique kit made her stand out from the other Sentinels in the game, it wasn’t enough to make her viable in the current competitive meta of Valorant which is heavily dominated by Chamber and KJ.

For the same reason, the community has been actively asking Riot Games for buffs to Deadlock as she struggled to find practical applications across all the maps in the game. Fortunately, it seems that Riot Games has listened.

Leaks for the upcoming Valorant patch 7.10 reveal that Deadlock will be getting some significant buffs in the update. These changes will be limited to her ‘GravNet’, which was previously considered to be Deadlock’s weakest ability and perhaps one of the worst abilities in the entire game.

Valorant 7.10 Deadlock Changes Explained

Here are all the changes to Deadlock as found in the leaked patch notes for Valorant 7.10:

  • The debuff from Deadlock’s GravNet will not remove itself after some time. Players will always have to remove the debuff manually moving forward.
  • The removal time of the GravNet debuff has been increased from 0.85 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Players won’t be able to use mobility skills (like Jett dash) when caught by the GravNet.
  • The catching radius of GravNet has been increased from 6 meters to 8 meters.

These are all the changes that Deadlock is expected to receive heading into the Valorant patch 7.10.

Valorant 7.10 Release Date

The heavily anticipated Valorant patch 7.10 will hit the live servers around Tuesday, November 14, and it will bring alongside it the aforementioned Deadlock buffs.

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