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Valorant: TSM FTX Academy acquires ex-Noble

Earlier in July, Noble Esports had mutually parted ways with their Valorant roster only to be picked by TSM.FTX as the latter’s secondary roster, a month later. The announcement was made official by TSM.FTX on Twitter and dubbed as the “next generation of Valorant”. 

Under Noble, Colin “Precision” O’Neill and co made their first-ever VCT appearance in the Open Qualifier of Stage 3 Challengers 1 where they had denied TSM, a spot further in the event leading them to elimination from the event. Although they were halted by 100 Thieves in the Round of 16, they indeed left the tournament as a potential prospect, to be looked upon in the future. Things eventually entered into a downward spiral as they were released from contract by Noble on a mutual note. 

Before being dropped, Aleko ‘Leviathan’ Gabuniya was acquired by TSM to replace Taylor ‘drone’ Johnson who was moved to the bench by the Los-Angeles-based team. Noble then had signed Carlo ‘Dcop’ Delsol from EZ5 to their Valorant division. 

ex-Noble (now TSM.FTX Academy) are set to debut at the NSG 2021 Summer Championship and will go against Cloud9 Blue in the Group F of the former. Cloud9 Blue Valorant will also debut with their new In-game leader Anthony “vanity” Malaspina, whom they acquired from Version1.  

TSM.FTX academy now are:

  • Colin “Precision” O’Neill
  • Nate “PaYen” Lopez
  • Brandon “Bdog” Sanders
  • Timothy “frostyZK” Ly
  • Jose Carlo “Dcop” Muñoz Delsol
  • Andrew “aRubyz” Seewer (Head Coach)
  • Austin “Apex” Copeland (Assistant Coach)

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