Valorant: Top five game-breaking bugs


It’s pretty usual to come across bugs inside a game that do leave an unintended impact, making it either unachievable or letting you or your opponents have an upper hand while competing. Such kinds of bugs do hinder your chances to achieve a fair play and may result in either one of the sides perishing towards an unexpected outcome. 

Game-breaking bugs are the most common issues in the world of tactical online shooters and Valorant is not an exception. From time and time again, players find new ways to exploit a game to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents. So is the year-old Valorant of Riot games who are yet to fix their shooter game to keep the ball rolling when it comes to fair play. We totally get the fact that the game has hardly been around and it is already swarmed with a plethora of bugs that one can’t withstand to a considerable extent.

Most recently a Youtuber who goes by Valorant Bugs & Glitches had published a list of bugs through a video that surfaced from in-game and are yet to be addressed by Riot. Today we have gathered the opportunity to bring the top 5 bugs and glitches one can find in Valorant. 

A Switch bug while playing KillJoy, Location: Breeze

This is a highly unusual bug where you may not appear to be visible to the opposition, eventually enabling you to shoot from an unknown position. This does resemble the bug which was previously encountered in the Hookah section on Bind where Yoru was often able to teleport inside a structure. 

Mid Chute bug while placing Turret, Location: Breeze

Griefing alert! Location: Breeze

If someone’s playing sage and he/she lands on the A pipes, they may boost themselves with their wall and try to grief by glitching out the Spike as it can’t be retrieved once stuck, as shown in the video. This may possibly open the door to many griefers in the game who may mess up the fair-play integrity. 

Error 404 : Access Denied but wait. Location: Ascent

This bug can straightaway reveal the opponent’s activity if the site has been compromised and you are on to retake it. A player might align by the tetris boxes and place the cypher cam.

Attacker Bridge transpo compromised. Location: Fracture

Any player if he/she aligns themselves just below the center of the vent, facing sideways to the screens and place their cypher camera, they can abuse it to an uncertain extent as it would relay all the information from Attacker side bridge, if someone uses the ropes to traverse onto the end and could be tagged.

You can watch the entire video here if you wish to take a look at all the 40 bugs reported by Youtuber, Valorant Bugs & Glitches

Disclaimer: Please refrain from exploiting these glitches as your actions may lead to a ban.