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Solista Valorant: Radiant Ranked Valorant Player Banned During Livestream

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Radiant is the highest rank in the competitive spectrum of Valorant. Reaching Radiant undoubtedly requires a great amount of skill, gamesense, and consistent practice. However, it seems like a popular Valorant streamer took a shortcut down the path of ranking up by cheating. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for him.

Solista Valorant Banned

Radiant ranked Valorant player ‘Solista’ is well-known in the streaming community. The 65th ranked player of North American Valorant was handed a live ban during his stream today as fans noticed some suspicious shots coming from him without him even clicking his mouse.

After getting banned during his livestream, Solista almost appeared as if he was expecting the ban at some point, as he let out a faint “What? Really dude?” to his viewers.

While Valorant players are happy regarding Solista’s ban, a portion of the player base are also questioning Riot’s anti-cheat system on how the cheater managed to climb all the way to Radiant and ranked 65th in North America without receiving a ban.


It is advised for Valorant players to keep reporting suspicious players in-game, and chances are that they’ll be banned by Riot’s anti-cheat system at some point if they are indeed cheating.

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