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Skyesports Champions Series Group Stage Day 6 Recap

The final day of the Skyesports Champion series group stage had only two matches, the first one wasn’t a crucial one but was entertaining to see a team win without dropping a game, whilst the second one largely affected the qualification status and seeding of group B. 

Summary of results SCS Group stage final Day

  • Enigma Gaming 2-0 Khumbu Esports
  • Team Valor 2-1 Prime 5

Match 1: Enigma Gaming 2-0 Khumbu Esports

The game was a seeding game for Enigma gaming with the win they were the undisputed first seed of Group A, absolutely dominating the group with only dropping 1 map in the whole group stage. While Khumbu despite losing both all the games displayed great potential and would prepare for the next season.

The game started on Ascent with Enigma on attack managed to tear through Khumbu’s defense with the triple duelist composition and won the half 9-3, Now on defense despite losing the pistols, Enigma managed to close the game 13-5 

Now onto Bind, Khumbu managed to win the first two rounds but couldn’t convert this further losing the half 4-8, while on defense they only managed to hold off enigma for 2 rounds losing the map 6-13 and the game 0-2. 

Khumbu was already out of the tournament and this win would’ve been a good parting gift for them but anyways they are a talented group of individuals and I hope they win more in the future. 

Match 2: Team Valor 2-1 Prime 5

Team Valor, The Indian qualifier champion, started the group stage with two consecutive losses against Enigma gaming and Global Esports and despite the rocky start managed to pull themselves together to win against Revenant and Khumbu and had a slim chance to qualify today if they manage to drop less than 3 rounds. 

While Prime 5 was already done for could use another win as a consolation prize.

The Game started with prime 5’s Icebox pick with prime 5 on defense and the first half went their way with them winning the half 8-4. The second half started well with prime 5 reaching 12 while Team valor was still on 9, But Valor managed to hold off Prime 5’s attack to force overtime. 

In OT though after exchanging back to back defensive rounds for 2 OT’s Prime 5 managed to close the game 16-14

Haven was a similar story with Team Valor winning the first half closely 7-5 while on defense Team Valor only managed to win 1 round out of the starting 7 rounds. Now with prime 5 already on 11, Team Valor had to win all the remaining rounds to win and so they did contain Prime 5’s Attack, again and again, to push the game to the decider.

The decider of Bind was an easy ride for team valor since they managed to win the first half 9-3 and close the third map 13-6 and win the series 2-1.  FOX was the MVP with 70 kills and 261 ACS. 

Despite the win, Team Valor can’t make it to the Chennai LAN since they lost more than 3 rounds. With this, we get all the qualifying teams and the seeding. 

From Group A, Enigma Gaming becomes the first seed while Global Esports and Revenant Esports are the second and third seeds. 

While from Group B, Orangutan manages to be the first seed, Velocity on second, and full power gaming becomes the third seed. 

All these six teams would battle it out in a double-elimination bracket in order to win the chance to represent South Asia at stage 2 VCT APAC challengers. All the matches would be on LAN and the city is Chennai. I hope the city is ready for some exciting Valorant from 31st May. I hope the best teams represent South Asia and eventually put South Asia on the global Valorant stage.

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