Sinatraa responds to Gods Reign $144K offer, says, “I make that much in one month on Twitch”

sinatraa valorant

North American professional Valorant player Jay “sinatraa” Won recently discussed Gods Reign CEO “KR” Rohith’s offer to join the team. While sinatraa acknowledged the six-figure sum, he showed little enthusiasm for the offer. 

Instead, he said he makes about the same amount from broadcasting on Twitch in a single month, hinting that it was a pitiful sum compared to what he makes.

Through a Twitter post, Gods Reign CEO Rohith KR made an “open offer” to sign Jay “sinatraa” Won to a one-year contract. The North American gamer was offered a total of $144,000 USD through a public tweet.

He also said that he would be paying the equivalent of 30% of his annual salary as a joining fee.

Sinatraa commented on the offer made by KR during a recent livestream that was broadcast on Twitch. “An Indian organization offered me $144k a year, 30% upfront. That’s it?!”   Laughingly, he continued, “I make that much in one month on Twitch.  Tripping. Said 144k for the year?”

In response to KR’s offer, Global Esports CEO Rushindra Sinha said that NRG Esports had signed sinatraa for $150,000 for a year in 2017. KR replied that, if sinatraa was interested, he may reevaluate the price. Unfortunately, sinatraa doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the offer based on her facial expressions.

To be clear, Rohit added that sinatraa would receive 30% of his annual wage up front, and fewer benefits such as medical insurance, transportation, and lodging.

Sinatraa was moved to Sentinels’ bench in 2021 after allegations of sexual abuse were made by his ex-girlfriend Cleo “cle0h” Hernandez. When sinatraa was permanently barred from all VCT competitions, Sentinels were forced to replace him with Tyson “TenZ” Ngo.

In April 2022, however, sinatraa announced his return to competition, saying he wanted to return to playing Valorant professionally for the Sentinels.

As a result of the negative publicity surrounding his case, he has been rejected by a number of prestigious companies in the past.

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