Sentinels may sign TenZ on loan, to replace Sinatraa for VCT Masters


According to a report from @neLendirekt on Twitter, Sentinels may sign Tyson “TenZ” Ngo to their Valorant Division as their fifth for the VCT’s Masters tournament.

This news comes amidst the ongoing situation where Sinatraa, Sentinels’ Duelist was suspended by the organization and Riot following accusations of sexual assault placed over by his Girlfriend Cleo ‘Cle0h’ Hernandez. The 20-Year-old’s actions were brought under light by Cleo who elaborated the entire extract through a Google Docs page. In the document, Cle0h elaborated on the topics she faced during her relationship with Sinatraa where she alleged he abused her during their 9-months long relationship. She even included some proofs with the document she shared in her Twitter post, which includes a dozen text messages and private Discord conversations screenshots. She alleged Sinatraa would force himself upon her and wouldn’t stop if she asked him to during sex; claiming he was “so close” each time.

neLendirekt from has reported a possibility that would witness Sinatraa getting replaced with TenZ, a streamer and an inactive professional Valorant player for Cloud9. During his time at C9 as a player, Tyson steered the NA-based side to a couple of runner-up titles including the one at the Pax Area Invitational along with a plethora of third-place finishes at Pop Flash and Renegades Inv by NSG. In January, Tyson stepped down from the Cloud9 Blue roster to pursue content creation within the organization. 

If the deal goes through, Sentinels will have:

  • Shahzeeb “ShahZam” Khan
  • Hunter “SicK” Mims
  • Jared “zombs” Gitlin
  • Michael “dapr” Gulino
  • Tyson “TenZ” Ngo (On Loan)