Riot Games Reportedly Investigating TM Sentinel’s Nirbhaya Rape Reference

team mahi Sentinel nirbhaya

Team Mahi’s owner Manoj ‘Sentinel’ Kashyap has made it to the headlines recently after making some extremely controversial remarks referencing the Nirbhaya incident during a live stream.

When a viewer mentioned the name of Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude, who was recently banned from competitive Valorant for cheating, Kashyap said that anyone taking the name of Xhade any further in chat would receive a fate more horrendous than the Nirbhaya victim.

Needless to say, the Indian Valorant community got furious at the Nirbhaya remarks of Sentinel and raised demands for him to be ‘jailed’.

Luckily, it looks like Riot Games has taken note of this incident themselves.

According to a report by Indiatimes, Riot Games is currently investigating the incident and is likely to arrive at a decision over the next couple of weeks. “We at Riot Games, have a zero-tolerance policy against gender discrimination and abuse,” they told Indiatimes. “We try our best to ensure the best possible player experience, and we are aware of incidents that happen within our communities.”

On April 6th, TM Sentinel uploaded an apology video to YouTube.

“The choice of words that I’ve used to address this issue is a disgrace to me and my family for which I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart,” Sentinel said in the video. “There is a line that should not be crossed no matter what, and I’ve clearly done it by my choice of words.”