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Orangutan secure a second win in thrilling VCL SA 2023 encounter with Aster Army

Orangutan Esports clinched their second victory of the league after defeating Aster Army in a closely fought series, winning 2-1. The series saw Aster Army lose their second game in a row after losing to Medal Esports in their previous game.

Rosters and Lineups

Orangutan Esports is led by Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose as IGL, Akram “Rawfiul” Virani, Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar, Azis “azys” Nandang, Jm “tesseract” Ignacio, and Rajiv “LeVi” Satpute (Sub). Aster Army consists of Hrishikesh “DominiK” Khedkar as IGL, Soumyadeep “DOXZ3R” Dey, Ngô “Kishi” Huy, Pranav “Kohliii” Kohli, Lee “Wink” Zhen Yong and Sami “SSSami” Ar Rahman (Sub).

Map Selection

Aster Army banned Fracture and Orangutan banned Lotus. Aster Army selected Ascent, while Orangutan picked Haven. The remaining two maps, Pearl and Split, were banned, resulting in Icebox as the final map of the series.

Map Recap

In the first map, Haven, Aster Army won the pistol round on defense, with Kishi delivering a quadruple kill. The team continued their dominance, winning the anti-eco and bonus rounds. However, Orangutan fought back, winning the opening round and a thrifty win. Despite Aster Army’s strong start, Orangutan managed to equalize the score and secure a 13-11 win with Azys and Rawfiul leading the way with 30 and 27 frags, respectively.

On Ascent, Orangutan won the pistol round, but Aster Army quickly fought back and dominated the map, closing it out with a 13-5 win. Kohli shone on the map with an ACS of 348 on Sova.

In the final map, Icebox, Orangutan bounced back from their defeat in the previous map and showed sheer dominance. They won the pistol round, anti-eco and bonus rounds, taking a commanding lead of 6-0. Though Aster Army managed to win three consecutive rounds, Orangutan adapted quickly and closed out the map with a comfortable 13-3 victory. Tesseract was named the map MVP with a KDA of 24/8/4.

Analysis and Conclusion

Despite Aster Army showcasing immense talent in the first two maps, they failed to deliver in the final map, ultimately losing the series to Orangutan Esports. Azys and Rawfiul’s stellar performance in the first map, Haven, was a key factor in Orangutan’s victory. Kohli’s impressive display on Ascent was not enough for Aster Army to secure a win. Orangutan’s dominant performance on Icebox, led by Tesseract, sealed the deal for them.

In conclusion, Orangutan Esports secured a hard-fought victory over Aster Army, highlighting their strength as a team. While Aster Army showcased their talent in the series, they will need to work on their consistency to secure victories in the future.

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