How to Get War Dawgz Player Card in Valorant

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Player Cards are one of the many ways in which Valorant players can express themselves in the game. There are hundreds of player cards in Valorant, many of which are free while some others can often have a price tag attached to them.

Riot Games is constantly introducing new and unique Player Cards to the competitive shooter that the players can grab to customize their in-game profile.

The ‘War Dawgz’ player card is the newest addition to the ever-expanding list of Valorant Player Cards, and fans of the title are curious about how they can add this card to their collection.

How to Get the War Dawgz Player Card

The War Dawgz Player card is free and any player can obtain it in only a few seconds. To get the War Dawgz Player Card in Valorant, you can simply log in to the game between 11th August 2 pm PT to 19th August 2 pm PT.

Once you log into the game in the aforementioned time frame, you should get the War Dawgz player card in your Valorant inventory.

If you’ve logged into the game and still didn’t receive the Player Card, you should consider submitting a ticket to Riot Games to have the issue resolved.

Whether or not this Player Card is available to obtain once the time period ends still remains to be seen.

Valorant is a 5v5 online competitive shooter that was developed and published by Riot Games in June 2020. The title is available to play exclusively on PC, with a separate mobile version currently in the works.

Players can download Valorant from Riot Games’ official website here.

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