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How does Night Market Work in Valorant?

The Valorant night market provides players with discounted skins from the in-game store.

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The highly anticipated Valorant patch 1.14 is here, and alongside other heavily demanded features, it also brings with it a new addition called the ‘Night Market’. The Night Market aims to provide Valorant players with discounted skins for random weapons.

Previously, a lot of Valorant players have raised repeated complaints about the high price of skins in the competitive shooter by Riot. This might be the reason behind the introduction of Night Market, which cuts the cost of Premium and Deluxe skins by a percentage of its original price.

The Night Market is live now, and it may require some luck by the players to obtain a discount on their favorite skin through the lottery-like system.


The Night Market randomly chooses six Premium or Deluxe weapon skins to provide a discount. However, once a slot is locked on a skin, that slot can’t be re-used again till the player buys that weapon skin at the discounted rate first.

In case you don’t want a skin that you drew, your best bet is to draw another slot and hope to get a discount on the skin you want.

The Night Market will never offer you a discount on an entire bundle, but only single skins from a bundle.

With the BlastX and Winter Wonderland skin bundles just around the corner, players might want to try out their luck on obtaining skins from one of these two bundles on the Night Market.

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