Fnatic breeze past through Team Liquid

fnatic vs team liquid valorant

Fnatic breezed past Team Liquid in the Lower bracket round and set up a clash with NUTURN in the Lower Bracket Final. Earlier, both Fnatic and Team Liquid moved on from Lower Bracket rounds 4/6 before locking horns in today’s fixture.

Brief Summary

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

Round 5/6: Fnatic Vs Team Liquid

Winner advances to the Lower Bracket Final

Map Veto

  • Team Liquid ban Icebox
  • Fnatic ban Haven
  • Fnatic pick Bind, Team Liquid to start on defense
  • Team Liquid pick Ascent, Fnatic to start on Attack
  • Split is left over.

Map 1: Bind (Fnatic 13-10 Team Liquid)

Fnatic Valorant set the tone for the match as they romped up to a 6-1 lead on their attack on Bind, with Team Liquid struggling to get into their rhythm during the early stages. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom and Co then put some rounds together and brought the deficit to a minimum before Fnatic were able to re-establish control to end the first half in their favor, 7-5.

Team Liquid indeed came out of the break a more resolute side and quickly knotted the score thanks to ScreaM and Dom “Soulcas” Sulcas who partnered up to keep Team Liquid alive and put up a double-digit score on the board for their team. But Jake “Boaster” Howlett’s heroics with his Brimstone and a chaotic 23rd round proved to be catastrophic for Team Liquid as Fnatic went up 1-0 in the Best of 3 series.

Map 2: Ascent ( Fnatic 13-10 Team Liquid)

Team Liquid had a hot start on their map pick Ascent, 5-3, putting themselves in a good position early on into the defense. This time it was ScreaM who stepped up, with two consecutive multi-kill rounds, 5th & 6th with the latter culminating in a successful retake, eventually locking out Fnatic from their comfort zone. Liquid closed the first half with 7-5 on board.

Fnatic’s good spirits from Bind continued to bolster their gameplay further into the second half as both the teams went head to head. The game’s odds eventually shifted to Fnatic’s favor as Martin “Magnum” Peňkov rose to dominance in the game’s penultimate round, with the latter successfully pulling off a B-site retake, steering Fnatic to a 2-0 finish over Liquid.

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