Coaching Slots to be introduced with Valorant Patch 2.08

It is now confirmed.

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Valorant Patch 2.07 is already out now with a few changes and bug fixes. Now Riot has confirmed that coaching slots will be introduced with the upcoming Valorant Patch 2.08.

Riot introduced the Valorant Champions tour last year and they seem quite serious with the Valorant Esports scene. Valorant pros were asking for the coaching slot for a long time and Riot has officially confirmed it is coming with the next patch update.

Riot’s Statement on Coaching Slot

Riley Yurk, Valorant Esports strategy manager said,

As an esport, we continue to be excited at the prospect of coaches playing a larger role in matches and plan to provide more analytical tools in the future.

Riley thinks that the coaching slot is very important for both coaches and players. According to him they will implement coaching with the 2.08 update and will take feedback regularly to improve the feature.

Additionally, the coaching slot update is quite significant in the era of COVID, where all the competitive matches are being played online. However, Riot should be aware of all the bugs and glitches like Valve’s spectator bug for which 37 CSGO coaches got banned.

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