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Chamber Nerfed In Valorant Patch 4.09

It’s not a good day to be a Chamber main, as the dreaded nerfs to the French Sentinel will finally arrive to the live servers with the 4.09 update.

Alongside this, Valorant patch 4.09 will also bring with it a bunch of additional changes to the shooter. These changes include a quality-of-life ‘Party Lead Transfer’ feature, bug fixes, and much more.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Valorant patch 4.09.

Valorant 4.09 Patch: Chamber Nerfs

It goes without saying that the Chamber nerfs will be the prime focus of this update as they will certainly reduce his overall viability as a Sentinel.

“When we think about the Sentinel role, we think about its overall ability to keep map control and defend space,” the developers said in a statement.

“We believe that Sentinels and Sentinel players should have many options and methods to control and defend, whether it’s through the use of Sage’s reactive slow abilities, Cypher’s flank-watching gadgets, or defensively-oriented combat and guns like Chamber.”

As we had reported earlier, patch 4.09 will see Chamber’s ‘Trademark’ count being reduced from 2 to 1, while its price will be increased from 150 to 200. The audio range of his traps will also be increased in the upcoming update.

Valorant Patch 4.09: Detailed Patch Notes

Here are the detailed patch notes of Valorant 4.09 update, as officially revealed by Riot Games:

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