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Best Valorant Crosshair Codes from Pro Players (May 2024)

Dominate Your Matches with Pro-Level Precision

Are you on a quest to refine your aim in Valorant? The crosshair you choose can be a game-changer, providing precision without distraction. Valorant’s customization options allow you to adopt the crosshairs of top-tier players from renowned teams like Fnatic, Sentinels, EG, Loud, and PRX. Let’s dive into the world of Valorant crosshair codes, featuring settings from pro players and streamers, ensuring your crosshairs are on point.

Valorant Crosshair Codes: Your Gateway to Pro-Level Precision

Valorant’s crosshair settings are more than just a visual aid; they’re a critical component that can significantly impact your gameplay. By using the crosshair codes of professional players, you can instantly adjust your crosshair’s outline, inner lines, outer lines, and center dot to match the preferences of esports elites.

How to Use Valorant Crosshair Codes

Implementing a pro player’s crosshair is straightforward. Navigate to the settings menu in Valorant, find the Crosshair section, and enter the code into the “Code” field. You can then save your changes and enjoy your new crosshair setup. While these codes are designed for immediate use, feel free to tweak them to suit your personal preferences.

Latest Crosshair Codes from Valorant Pros (Updated May 12, 2024)

  • TenZ Crosshair Code: 0;s;1;P;c;5;h;0;m;1;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;4;o;1
  • N4RRATE Crosshair Code: 0;P;o;1;0t;1;0l;3;0o;1;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
  • benjyfishy Crosshair Code: 0;P;c;7;h;0;0l;4;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0
  • Asuna Crosshair Code: 0;P;o;1;0t;1;0l;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
  • Yay Crosshair Code: 0;P;h;0;f;0;0l;4;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
  • Jamppi Crosshair Code: 0;s;1;P;h;0;0t;1;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0;S;o;0.502
  • Zellsis Crosshair Code: 0;P;c;4;h;0;f;0;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
  • aspas Crosshair Code: 0;P;c;5;o;1;d;1;z;3;f;0;0b;0;1b;0
  • f0rsakeN Crosshair Code: 0;P;o;1;f;0;0t;1;0l;1;0o;4;0a;1;0f;0;1t;1;1l;1;1o;3;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0
  • cNed Crosshair Code: 0;P;h;0;f;0;0l;5;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0

Finding the Perfect Crosshair for You

While copying a pro’s settings can be a great starting point, the best crosshair is one that feels right for you. Experiment with different configurations and remember that a good crosshair helps you focus on your target without being intrusive.

Valorant’s crosshair customization is a powerful tool in your arsenal. By leveraging the crosshair codes of professional players, you can enhance your aiming experience and potentially improve your gameplay. Remember, the perfect crosshair balances visibility and precision, helping you land those critical shots. So, try out these pro crosshair codes, adjust as needed, and may your aim be ever true.

Stay updated with the latest crosshair trends and settings by checking back for new codes and adjustments. If you have a favorite pro player whose crosshair code isn’t listed, drop their name in the comments, and we’ll add it to our ever-growing compilation. Happy aiming, agents!

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