Valorant Xenohunter Skins Can Give You a Competitive Disadvantage

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The Xenohunter skin bundle is the newest bundle that has been introduced to the Valorant in-game store by Riot Games. However, if you’re looking to grab the bundle the next time you log in to the game, you might want to hold off on that thought for a while.

According to several posts that have surfaced on social media over the past few days, the Xenohunter skins can potentially give you a competitive disadvantage in the game.

Now if you’ve already taken a look at the Xenohunter skins in the game, you’re probably no stranger to the fact that the Xenohunter Phantom has a small radar equipped to it on its side. This radar can easily be ‘pay to lose’ in some situations as it can block the view of a portion of the screen that would otherwise be visible.

In a fast-paced competitive game like Valorant, even a slight delay in spotting an enemy can lose you a round, which is why being unable to spot the enemies with the Xenohunter Phantom equipped can often make you lose crucial rounds in Valorant.

The issue has been brought to light by multiple Reddit users soon after the release of the bundle.

The pay-to-lose aspects of the Xenohunter Phantom can be easily highlighted when a player is in A Heaven on Ascent. As YouTuber ‘SeLFlo’ has pointed out, enemies located just below heaven aren’t visible with the Xenohunter Phantom equipped, but can be seen just fine with the default variant of the gun. You can check out SeLFlo’s video discussing the issue here.

Fans of the shooter aren’t very happy about this noticeable flaw in the Xenohunter Bundle, and many are choosing to not purchase the bundle as a result of these existent issues.

Valorant is a multiplayer shooter by Riot Games and is currently available to play on PC.

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