Valorant Skin Level Toggling System to Arrive Later This Year

Skins are an important source of revenue of Riot Games from their tactical shooter Valorant. While Riot has added a plethora of skins to the title since its release, some of them seems to be raising some eyebrows in the community.

Skins are supposed to have no impact on the overall gameplay other than a cosmetic upgrade. While most of the skins aadhere to this rule, some of them can often be too distracting for the players due to their fancy equip animation or sound effects.

We could find an example of this in the Elderflame Operator that had a significantly louder equip sound than its regular counterpart, making it difficult for players to hear footsteps.

Taking a look at skins that are rather recent, we can see the Valorant community complaining about the Karambit knife skin in the Prime 2.0 bundle. A good chunk of the player base seems to good the opinion that the Karambit, when upgraded, has a worse sub-par equip animation than it’s non-upgraded counterpart.

This has led the Valorant developers to consider introducing a system that lets players revert upgrades done to their weapons. Riot devs Sean and Preeti have addressed this issue and have confirmed that a skin level toggling system will be made available later this year.

This new system will likely enable players to change their skin levels at will, providing them with the room to revert any unwanted upgrades.