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Valorant Removes Split Due to Game-Breaking A-Site Bug

Valorant players might notice a familiar map missing from their recent rotations. Split, a popular three-lane map known for its aggressive attacker opportunities, has been temporarily disabled due to a critical bug impacting Attacker’s spawn on Site A.

This isn’t the first time Riot Games has swiftly addressed in-game issues in Valorant. The developers take pride in maintaining a balanced and competitive environment, and this commitment extends to quickly resolving bugs that disrupt fair play.

What Went Wrong on Split?

The culprit? A movement exploit allowing certain Agents to reach an unintended vantage point on top of the A-Site tower. This strategic high ground offered a significant unfair advantage for Defenders, providing an unobstructed view and easy one-sided engagements onto the A Main entrance. Agents like Jett and Raze, known for their superior mobility skills, were able to abuse the bug with their Updraft (Jett) and Blast Pack (Raze) abilities, essentially turning the tides in the Defenders’ favor.

Considering A-Site on Split already presents a challenging push for Attackers due to its narrow entry point, this exploit effectively crippled their ability to gain control of the site.

What’s the Fix and When Can We Expect Split Back?

Riot acknowledged the severity of the bug and opted to disable Split entirely from the Competitive, Unrated, Premier, Swiftplay, and Spike Rush map pools. They’ve reassured players that a fix is on the way, arriving with Patch 8.08. In the meantime, players eager for a dose of Split action will have to wait or try their hand at alternative modes like Deathmatch and Escalation, where the map remains available.

Patch 8.08 won’t just address the problematic exploit on Split. Riot has also confirmed a fix for a separate Cypher bug that caused his Trapwires to remain visible on teammates’ mini-maps even after being destroyed.

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