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Valorant: Raze and Killjoy Announced as LGBTQ Characters

Riot Games validated Valorant fans’ long-held suspicions today. Killjoy and Raze are the first lesbian couple in the first-person tactical shooter, as confirmed by the devs.

Riot Games just posted an Instagram photo on their handle which depicts the due getting cozy on a bench. Followers can check out the update by clicking here.

KillJoy and Raze’s interesting in-game interactions have led many followers of competitive shooting to speculate about the possibility of romantic feelings between the two players.

Killjoy, Phoenix, Yoru, Neon, and Raze’s adventure has been chronicled on the official VALORANT Twitter account. Pictures from the group’s trip to Salvador show them engaging with locals, having a good time, and doing other activities.

Until today, when the VALORANT account shared yet another image, it was unclear what these photographs were for. Not like the other posts, this one just showed Raze and Killjoy kissing in the middle of the party they had previously been seen at.

Voice lines between Raze and Killjoy are sometimes misunderstood by gamers as flirting, even though they were clearly meant to be humorous. It’s safe to assume that Riot has been planning today’s reveal for some time.

Raze and Killjoy is the first LGBTQ+ agents in VALORANT, and the image represents the first confirmed agent-on-agent relationship in the series. In the past, numerous League of Legends heroes have been outed as being in LGBTQ+ partnerships, thus Riot is no new to displaying that kind of love in their titles.

The narratives and lore of these characters are evolving as VALORANT does, so it’s unclear if these promotional images were a great buildup to a much-awaited romance or a teaser for something else.

Valorant’s voice lines suggested Raze and Killjoy were more than buddies before today’s reveal. Killjoy would call Raze “freundin” (German for “girlfriend”), unwillingly admire her tech, and even wish her “be safe” before the battle. Raze is a blunter when she says, Killjoy! “After this, you wanna do some tinkering?”

It indeed made it quite obvious from the very start when Killjoy was added to the Agent roster in August of 2020.

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