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Valorant queues temporarily disabled by Riot

Players across South-East Asia and adjoining regions have been reporting the servers being down for Valorant. When attempting to queue for a game mode, players are instead greeted with the message “Multiple queues temporarily disabled.”

In the error message, it says that the servers are down due to “issues” but without elaboration on what the issue is. Regardless, it shouldn’t be long before the servers are back up and running.

Riot has said that they’re “working to resolve this as soon as possible,” which is also reassuring for fans waiting to play the competitive shooter.

Till the servers are fixed, there’s really nothing else you can do besides waiting for Riot to put them back up.

Yesterday, the devs had mentioned about an audio bug happening on all maps as a result of the Act 3 update. There’s a good chance that this issue is linked with that as well. The audio bug caused Riot to temporarily make Valorant matchmaking down across all servers till it gets fixed.

Sonu Banerjee
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