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Valorant Pro Luie Passes Away After Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The gaming world mourns the loss of Gizem “Luie” Harmankaya, a beloved professional VALORANT player. Tragically, she was among the thousands who fell victim to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023. Despite efforts to save her, she was trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed building and lost her life in the catastrophe.

Harmankaya’s former team, Unknownpros, expressed their condolences in an official statement: “It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to our former player Gizem Harmankaya. Our hearts go out to her family and all her fans. Rest in peace.”

Harmankaya was known for her versatility as a player, having competed with teams such as Galakticos Sirens, Vivace Vista, and Unknownpros. The gaming community remembered her for her skill, passion, and vibrant spirit, which she last showcased at the Rebels Finals in August 2022, according to VLR.gg.

The gaming community has reached out to numerous VALORANT pros in the wake of the tragedy and thankfully, many players, including Emir “Alfajer” Ali Beder, Mehmet “cNed” Yağız İpek, and Melih “pAura” Karaduran, have reported they are safe. However, others are still searching for their loved ones.

Luie was more than just a talented player; she was a shining star in the gaming community. Her untimely death is a profound loss that has left her family, friends, and the entire gaming world in mourning. As the world rallies together to provide aid and support through donations to the relief efforts, we hold onto hope that those still missing will be found soon.

The passing of Gizem “Luie” Harmankaya serves as a reminder of life’s fleeting nature and the importance of cherishing every moment. Her spirit, passion, and memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew her and the gaming community at large. Rest in peace, Luie.

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