Valorant Pro banned because of using an account that cheated in the past

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Turkish Valorant Professional Ertuğrul ‘TheCady’ Koç was earlier banned today by Vanguard as the former logged on into a Valorant account on which cheats had been used. This was later brought under the light by G2 Esports’s content creator Lothar who tweeted about the same.

According to Riot’s Terms of services, a player may get banned if he/she is involved in Account trading or logs on into a different account.

1.4. Can I share or sell my account or login credentials? (No.)

When you create an account with us, we require you to select a unique username and password (collectively, your “Login Credentials”). You agree that:

  • You can’t share your account or Login Credentials with anyone.
  • You can’t sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials, or offer to do so.
  • You must keep your Login Credentials secret.

Things went in a downward spiral manner for “thecadyxd” as he logged on into a different account, with cheats previously been used on it.

With the TOS clause 1.4 already being violated along with the alleged use of cheats, he was later banned on his main Valorant account as well.

Loather in his Tweet did spread the word to avoid Account trading in Valorant which has been a serious issue, culminating the use of cheats and griefers to an unbearable extent.

Sometimes people do fall prey to such incidents where they buy an account on which the previous owner had already cheated upon.

Update: The player was unbanned later after he reached out to Riot regarding the same.

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