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Valorant Player Kariyu Reaches Immortal Rank Using Pen and Drawing Tablet

In the competitive world of esports, players are constantly seeking an edge over their opponents. While most stick to traditional gaming gear, some venture into uncharted territories. A recent example is the YouTuber and streamer Kariyu, who achieved the Immortal rank in Valorant using a pen instead of a conventional mouse.

Kariyu’s unique challenge, aptly titled “Pen to Immortal,” saw him climb Valorant’s competitive ladder using a drawing tablet and pen. Over a span of six months, he persevered with this unconventional setup, ultimately reaching the coveted Immortal rank. His primary motivation? To determine if this “goofy” playstyle could stand toe-to-toe with traditional mouse users.

For those unfamiliar with drawing tablets, the idea of using a pen for FPS games might seem bizarre. However, the precision offered by a pen can be advantageous, especially for those accustomed to it. Kariyu, an artist and avid player of the rhythm game Osu!, had prior experience with a pen and tablet setup. But for newcomers, mastering this approach can be daunting and potentially strain the wrist.

Switching to a pen does come with its set of challenges. For instance, the absence of mouse buttons on a pen meant Kariyu had to rebind the right-click function to the “alt” key. Despite these hurdles, he managed to adapt and excel, showcasing his adaptability and skill.

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